Screen Recording Than And Now

How those old age people record what they are doing on their computer screen. I think many of them were using widely popular camcorder to take screen capture. Then they might have transferred them back to computer for editing. One benefit of this method might be that they can easily record voice over as they are capturing all the things externally. It was similar to video capturing with any video camera where microphone is attached to system.

So how people are doing the same things now a days? Probably you already know the answer but believe me that there are still some people who are doing in same way as before. The thing that is change is that they are using mobile device instead of any camcorder. I have even seen some computer graduate doing such stupid thing even these days.

Instead of using any external recorder why don’t we use internal recorder. Internal means you don’t have to hold anything in your hand and direct it to computer screen. There are many such software available which can record screen without any hassle. The benefit of using such software is that you don’t have to transfer the file back to computer like on those old days when recording with external recorder. Even some of software are providing editing functionality on software itself.

Bandicam and fraps are some of the free example which are capable of capturing what is happening on your computer. Install any of such software on your PC and start software before you want to capture screen. The software will run on background and record all instances that run on the computer. You can also input sound while recording or add it after recording is complete.

Fraps is paid software but you can always try fraps crack which enables you to use the software without any trouble. This will lift the limit of 60 seconds recording and removes water marked videos.

Such recording application can now directly upload your recorded videos to youtube or facebook. Record your very first video tutorial using fraps and share them on youtube with a push of upload button.

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