Meez Nation For Users Under 18

How much time do you spend online weekly? What you do online on that time? Do you think you are more engage to online world more than on real world? Peoples are more on internet due to growing popularity of social networks like facebook, twitter, instagram and snapchats. Growing mobile based social networks have risen the engagement of more peoples on social networks. These social network are mostly for peoples which are above 18 according to their term of use policy. Then what about others who are below 18? Does Internet has left them untouched? No they are also not untouched. They even are on those above mentioned social network with their own fake accounts where they use their fake date of birthday so that social network can’t stop them from using their site. Then there are no legit websites or social platform made for this age group? Absolute yes there are some platform which are mainly targeting such user groups. One of them is Meez nation that is available for online and now on android as well.

San Franscisco , CA based Donnerwood media is the developer of this online based entertainment web service which is actually a social network like above mentioned sites but with vast user groups. It is allowed for users below 18 as well. The game is mostly famous on the United States of America since it’s lunch on march 28, 2006. Right now it has 3 millions of unique users registered in it’s site. The popularity has increased to peak after the release of meez nation on android. Average people who are mostly children below 18 spend more than 60 hours per week according to meez recent statistics that have been recently released to public.
The company make profit from in app purchase where users buys virtual currency against real money. The virtual currencies are on term of coins and cash. Now a days users are more tends to use meez coin hack rather than buying them using real money.